Over 20 MILLION ROXO Charms Sold Worldwide!

What is ROXO?

ROXO is an amazingly simple interchangeable charm band that lets you wear what you love on your wrist. Whether you want charms of your best friends, favorite places or an unforgettable memory, ROXO makes expressing yourself as easy as putting on a band. We’ve produced millions of ROXO charms, each unique and special to the customer who ordered it. With licenses for Disney, Mattel, Nickelodeon, Universal Studios and tons more, we’re sure there’s a charm band for everyone. Want something more exclusive than the 3,000+ images we offer? Not a problem. You can create custom, one-of-a-kind ROXO charms, so you know your band is 100% yours. But ROXO doesn't stop at just charm bands. From interchangeable necklaces to stethoscope charms, you can take ROXO products whenever you go, creating a bond with everyone you meet. Whether you make a band for the someone special in your life, or use them as your kid's 5th birthday party favors, ROXOs are great for every occasion. So, welcome to the ROXO world, where you and your creativity know no limits and making the perfect band is just a couple of clicks away.